1. To help the needy students of all communities for the prosecution of studies.

  2. To arrange and organize Lectures, Debate, Discussion, Seminar etc. for the diffusion of knowledge.

  3. To distribute students’-Aid among the poor but meritorious students of the institute.

  4. To distribute Books, Drawing Board & Instruments, Tuition Fee and Examination Fee among the students of the Institute who are actually in need of those items.

  5. To help and support the poor and distressed people of this locality in the actual situation of their necessity.

  6. To import and develop Social Awareness among the Illiterate people by organizing Awareness Camp from time to time.

  7. To establish and maintain basic and Adult Education Center to remove the Illiteracy.

  8. To render relief to the sufferings in times of famine, flood, Drought, Earthquake and other natural calamities.

  9. To educate the people about pollution and to arrange plantation of Trees in the localities to make the World Green.

  10. To maintain the overall Environment of the Institute by properly maintaining the institute Garden, Campus cleanliness and Plantation of Trees in the boundary areas of the Institute Campus.

  11. To celebrate the foundation day in the Institute on 17th April, Every Year.

  12. To Celebrate National Days of our Country- 26th January ( Republic Day ), 15th August ( Independence Day ) & 2nd October ( Mahatma Gandhi Birth Day ) every year.

  13. To celebrate the Birthday of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose on 23rd January every year.

  14. To arrange Spacial Program on 5th September- Teachers Day and 13th September Birthday of Founder Principal R.K Banerjee of the Institute.

  15. To arrange and organize Old Age Home to help the needy people of the society without the profit motive.

  16. To help the poor people of nearby areas in their necessity in Marriage and Social customs.

  17. To arrange other programs suitable for the organization on the decision of the managing committee of this Organization.